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Grand Majidi Mall

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Hewa Holding

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Masif Road – Erbil

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Grand Majidi Mall The mall locates on the northern east skirts of Erbil city shaqlawa road , which has a radial development from center to the outer rings. Erbil is a retail-centric city, commerce has a significant role in its region with malls, shops, restaurants and historical bazaars. This attraction supports the city tourism as well. The mall is a comprehensive cultural commercial experience that bridges the old and new, the oriental and western, the modern and conventional. 

Erbil Majidi mall is in a location which is in the physical development direction of the city, grows fast and urbanizing as well. In this regard, project will be as a new urban destination not only for Erbil citizens but also for local tourists around the city. It’s an urban marketplace full of experiences that attracts visitors of all ages, interests and backgrounds. project will accommodate stores, an anchor supermarket, cinema, entertainment areas, restaurants and cafes with fast food units and open areas for visitors. Shoppers are lured outside of the interior mall into the daylight and a new sequence of spaces, forming a new public heart for Erbil City.

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